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The Federation of Canadian Electrolysis Associations

Electrolysis is the only proven, permanent method of hair removal. It has been safely used around the world for over 125 years. It is an effective procedure for all skin and hair types and can be safely used on any part of the body to eliminate unwanted hair.
The Federation of Canadian Electrolysis Associations is a non-profit, federally chartered corporation dedicated to promoting professionalism and education in the field of permanent hair removal.

Electrolysis is Safe

In the hands of a qualified professional, electrolysis is absolutely safe and effective. A skilled and experienced electrologist should be trained to insert the probe into the hair follicle without damage or irritation to the surrounding tissue. The result is permanent hair removal.

Electrolysis is Permanent

Generally, it will take multiple appointments over the course of several months to permanently remove hair. Since hair grows differently throughout the body, hormone changes and previous hair removal methods, electrolysis will take time to work. The whole treatment process may take up to 18 months, however changes to the hair growth and texture will be noticed within a few months of regular electrolysis treatments.

Electrolysis is for Everyone

No matter your hair or skin colour, gender, or background, Electrolysis can work for you. After several treatments you should see a reduction in hair growth; the amount and the number of treatments depends on the individual.

Unite electrologists across Canada


Protect the electrolysis trade


Raise the standard of practice


Higher standard for our industry


The FCEA foundation is based on:
  • Continuing education
  • An opportunity to achieve designation
  • Networking among our members

Networking with fellow electrologists who are committed to and proud of their profession, is the only way to ensure the delivery of effective, safe, and professional care to those we serve –our clients. Only a professional association of peers can achieve this end.

Learn About FCEA


What membership offers the practicing electrologist:
  • Client referrals.
  • An opportunity to achieve designation upon the successful completion of the FCEA exam.
  • Professional membership certificates are available to all members.
  • Active members receive yearly validation labels for membership certificates.
  • FCEA members may attend continuing education seminars and conventions held by our affiliated Provincial Associations, Societies, and Chapters.
  • An opportunity to network with colleagues in the field of electrolysis.
  • An opportunity to obtain professional liability and premise coverage through the FCEA Insurance Program.